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May Issue 2014

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Change happens in the kitchen

An invitation to Gathering 2014 

Responding to current theological issues 

Prayer map of Canada

Walking through a financial review — toward mission 

Resourcing radical

RCDL coaches Canadian leaders 


A mandate from sea to sea 

The Starbucks effect of church planting

Reconciliation and First Peoples in Canada Parenteau

Being a Christian friend in low income neighbourhoods


Editorial: Mission, ministry and mothers in faith: many reasons to celebrate

Provincial convention reports

Declaring that Jesus is Lord in Manitoba 
New shoes for SKMB director 
Alberta prays for new beginnings 

Intersection of faith and life: His inconspicuous ways



Agape Day is lifestyle for KGF
Church plant buys community movie house


News in story

Morris named USMB ED

One Spirit, one baptism

Pastoring pastors after disaster

WEA secretary steps down

FLN goes forward to Square One

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]   

Mary Rempel, Betty (Betts) Kasdorf, Mary Helen Bartel, Elizabeth (Betty) Thiessen, John E. Goertzen,William Josephe Marquardt, Nettie Funk, Harvey A. Kliewer, Gary Enns, Sarah Giesbrecht


Church Anniversaries


Book Reviews

Jacob’s Choice, Return to Northkill, Book 1

Jesus Feminist: An Invitation to Revisit the Bible’s View of Women

Daughters in the City: Mennonite Maids in Vancouver, 1931–61

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