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FLN goes forward to Square One

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Family Life Network changes name to Square One World Media


Family Life Network Inc. (FLN) announced Apr. 3, 2014, that it would publicly begin operating under the new name of Square One World Media Inc. as of Sept. 1, 2014.

The name, Square One World Media Inc., represents the organization’s passion for taking audiences back to the basics by producing and distributing creative media content that shares the life-transforming power of the gospel.

“For us, it represents the starting point where new life begins: the source of love, hope and healing found in Jesus Christ,” says Claude Pratte, FLN executive director, introducing the new name. “Our prayer is that the media content we produce will encourage many to take that first step, or be encouraged in the many steps that follow, on the journey of a relationship with God.”

Pratte says that the new name also reflects the global scope of the ministry’s reach; more clearly identifies the ministry as a media production company; and differentiates the organization in name from other similarly named ministries.

The rebranding is the result of an 18-month process, begun in the fall of 2012, when the FLN board agreed the organization should take the first steps on a path that would facilitate growth, articulate a fresh foundational vision for the future, and culminate in a name that more clearly communicates the organization’s mission and activity.

The decision to rename is not intended to distance FLN from its heritage, but rather to build on the legacy of its dedicated predecessors. Henry Poetker, the 96-year-old co-founder of Gospel Light Hour, the original English-language radio ministry from which FLN has grown, remembers beginning the ministry with just one radio program, in one language, and commends FLN for not being content to simply exist. He says, “The ministry has branched out into much of the world and in many languages. The work is just wonderful.”

Paul Boge, FLN board chair, says: “The joy of this ministry, as it has transitioned from Gospel Light Hour to Mennonite Brethren Communications to Family Life Network Inc. and now Square One World Media Inc., is that Jesus Christ has and will continue to be central to everything we do. It is incredible to reflect on the great work Christ has done in this ministry so far, and we are humbled to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in this next phase.”

—Family Life Network release

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