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Walking through a financial review – toward mission

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Update on Finances 

The executive board finance committee, supported by CCMBC finance staff, has done a great job in leading our financial review. The finance team’s leadership is positioning CCMBC to be increasingly effective in supporting CCMBC churches with financial services to enhance their ministry effectiveness. The professional legal and accounting services offered by KPMG and Fillmore Riley LLP have been of assistance. The strength of the deposit fund continues to fuel ministry across the globe.

We praise God for the positive feedback the finance team received at the October 2013 annual general meeting in regards to greater transparency in financial reporting. The continued development of finance staff occurs in response to ministry growth and transition in the CCMBC finance department. 

Highlights of 2013

Celebrating the ministry of John Wiebe who retired as chief financial officer (CFO) after 12 years of ministry. Under John’s leadership, the level of financial services available to churches and pastors expanded significantly. 

• Providing payroll services for 166 MB churches and organizations; bookkeeping services for 10 churches and/or provincial conferences; and
pension and benefits for 1,000 ministry personnel.

• Celebrating CCMBC’s capacity to support churches and pastors with mortgages. To date, CCMBC has supplied 160 mortgages totalling $140 million.

Prayer requests

• Pray for the finance team as they complete the financial review and implement findings.

• Pray for the Holy Spirit to lead us to the next CFO for CCMBC. 

• Pray for churches as they consider their financial partnership with CCMBC to train and empower our pastors and leaders to multiply disciple-making churches. 

• Pray for the finance team as they continue to provide increasing transparency and increasing constituency input.

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