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CCMBC payroll service is a gift for administrators

payroll team

CCMBC payroll team (l–r): Char Hildebrand, Wanda Thiessen, Vicki Dyck, and Sangita Kristjanson. PHOTO: Tony Schellenberg

“The benefit of using CCMBC’s payroll service is having a friendly person to talk to who understands ministry and knows MB churches,” says Marilyn Ens, finance director and human resources administrator at North Langley (B.C.) Community Church, which currently has 29 staff, including their internship program.

The church of about 1,400 attenders on two campuses has taken advantage of CCMBC’s payroll service for more than a decade. “I appreciate that we’re supporting our own conference,” says Ens.

Rather than feeling alone, when changes such as a retirement, maternity leave, or short-term disability come up for the first time, Ens is grateful she can talk through them with Wanda Thiessen, with the confidence of knowing everything she shares is confidential.

It’s also cost-effective.

“Especially for smaller churches it would be a ‘no brainer’ to use the conference,” says Ens, “but even for us, at only $5/person/payroll, I couldn’t find anything else that affordable.”

“It’s worth every penny,” says Broadway Church administrator Joanne Dekkers.

For the congregation of about 200 in Chilliwack, B.C., with a small staff, moderator Barrie McMaster says, “It’s been a gift.”

“Many churches have a new volunteer treasurer every year or two, which can lead to inconsistency,” says Char
Hildebrand, CCMBC payroll and benefits manager.

“The conference has four payroll staff who are up-to-date on Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations and ready to serve.”


Hildebrand lists the items the conference can take off church staff and volunteers’ plates:

  • deposit employees’ pay directly into their bank accounts;
  • process withdrawals for payroll costs including pension and benefits directly from the church’s bank account;
  • send monthly remittances for taxes, employment insurance, and Canada Pension Plan to CRA;
  • issue T4s and Records of Employment.

“It frees me up to do everything else!” says Dekkers. “I love the online service” where churches can report part-time hours and print off payroll documents.

Recently, their congregation had an employee become ill. “I don’t know what we would have done without the expertise at the conference,” says McMaster.

Char Hildebrand
PHOTO: Tony Schellenberg

“They had wise counsel and bent over backwards to make the medical leave possible.”

“I can’t imagine doing as well for our employee as we did, without the incredible help of this CCMBC ministry.” The staff member is back in full capacity, which McMaster credits to the knowledgeable support of CCMBC.

“As a Christian organization, we want to treat our staff right,” says McMaster. “And Char was there with helpful advice.”

“I wish other churches knew how easy it is, how freeing it is,” says Dekkers. “I can’t say enough about it. Not having to do payroll makes me want to sing.”

“It’s expertise we don’t have to have under our roof because we have it under the larger roof of the conference,” says McMaster.

“This is one of the things we can do for each other as a family of churches.”

To sign up for payroll services or to learn more, contact the payroll team.

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