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Rebuilding trust – one story at a time

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Where have we been and how have we arrived where we are today?

These are questions we’re asking at the national office of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches.
As a conference, we haven’t always done the right thing – particularly in the way of communications.

Our misuse of sales and marketing language has often pushed programs and agendas ahead of storytelling and people. For that, I apologize. We can do better.

Over the last months, I have been asking myself: What does the future of CCMBC communications look like?


It’s uncharted

We’re moving in a new direction, travelling new and unmapped roads, exploring new technologies and platforms for storytelling.

Do we know what this future looks like? No. We can only see so far ahead, but we rely on the One whose vision extends far beyond our own.


It’s accountable

One of our failings has been an unwillingness to share financial information on a frequent schedule. Our response (as noted in the recently released *Telling our Financial Story*), is to offer monthly reports that provide key metrics and drivers in a simple online dashboard.

We need to rebuild trust. It starts here.


It’s collaborative

As we enter this new stage, with a smaller communications department, we look to others to help. Because we are short-staffed, yes, but mostly because it’s the best way to include voices from across the country.

We need to tell the stories from every corner of Canada and give voice to those who have felt isolated from the MB family.
The small church is as vital to this family as the large church is – their story matters just as much.

With the participation of the provincial conferences, Multiply, MB Seminary, and local churches, we are building a collaborative communications team that meets regularly to brainstorm, plan, and tackle assignments.

This national team helps us to make connections, build relationships, and tell stories that inspire us.

Do you have a passion for storytelling? Would you like to have a say in where we go next?

I need your help. Join us on this new road. I need to hear from you: what does the future of CCMBC communications look like?

Financial reporting:

An e-newsletter delivered the last week of each month that contains a financial dashboard with key metrics, and links to stories and coming events. Reports will also reside online, accessible to all members of the MB church family. The first report is going out in February 2020.

Townhall meetings:

Six bimonthly virtual public meetings with CCMBC leadership and partners in the Collaborative Model. The first taking place in April 2020.

A commitment to storytelling:

We endeavour to write and share stories across from across Canada and internationally on the MB Herald website.

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