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For more than sixty years, MB Herald has been sharing the Mennonite Brethren’s life and story in Canada.

In 2024, we plan to bring storytelling to the forefront and discover new ways to share your life and story with others. We’ve been asking big questions:

  • Are our chosen platforms and models the right ones? Are they accessible to the full spectrum of readers?
  • What new platforms can we leverage? 
  • What stories have we yet to uncover? 
  • Why are we calling our magazine a Digest? We’re publishing as many or more pages than we did back in our heyday.

We know that some things need to change to answer these questions and accomplish our mission effectively. We want to do more and do better, but there are financial and time limitations. 

One immediate change we plan to make is to reduce the number of issues we send out in this “Digest” format from 12 to 6. We will publish in February and every two months after. At the end of 2024, we will reevaluate this model. 

Here’s another question: is MB Herald just a magazine? We say no. So, we push ourselves to think outside the pages. Here are a few ways we plan to do this:

  • Taking a proactive approach to connecting with MBs and telling their stories
  • Leveraging our website and posting more frequently
  • Utilizing video and audio
  • Relaunching our long-hibernating podcast
  • Taking a more active role in online/social engagement
  • More effectively meeting the needs of our internal partners so that we can better tell their stories

The reduced publication schedule is required to maintain this and create the margin for all we hope to do. We don’t assume this next phase will be seamless, and we are sure to experience growing pains. We also ask that you be patient and join us on this journey. Please send your feedback, ideas and suggestions to communications@mbchurches.ca. 

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Arlette Penner September 14, 2020 - 11:20

Question- Will the MB Herald Digest include obituaries?

MB Herald September 16, 2020 - 15:56

Hey Arlette! Thanks for reaching out. Our plan is to include obituaries at some point in the future. We don’t anticipate our next few editions to include obituaries but are working on a plan to eventually include them. Thanks!

Carson Samson October 7, 2020 - 14:12

Hello there Arlette – Great question. The October issue of the Digest includes two obituaries. We plan on continuing this practice going forward. If an issue does not include obituaries, it is because we were not provided with any. Thank you, enjoy your day!


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