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Responding to current theological issues

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Update on the Board of Faith and Life 

The board of faith and life (BFL) is making concerted efforts to increase the level of connectedness to conference ministries in order to support the goal of providing theological resourcing for the Canadian conference. This past year provided a number of opportunities for the BFL to be proactive in this quest, most notably the study conference on human sexuality in Edmonton in October 2013.

We have much work to do, but the BFL noted that the tone of the study conference was positive and constructive, and we look forward to continuing the conversation. The considerable number of participants under the age of 40 and the number of student participants were a huge encouragement. 

The BFL will present a pastoral letter summarizing our convictions around human sexuality at Gathering 2014. Study conference 2015 will further this conversation, focusing on pastoral applications in light of these convictions. 

BFL has also sensed closer working relationships with the executive board, C2C Network and provincial conferences, and thanks God for the opportunity to help develop clarity around who we are and unity around what God is calling us to do for the kingdom.

Highlights of 2013

More than 40 leaders attended the annual Pastors Credentialing Orientation. The event provided insight into MB identity and facilitated building relationships.

• The study conference on human sexuality was not only the largest but best received such event in recent memory.

• French translations of BFL pamphlets and the Confession of Faith with Commentary and Pastoral Application are underway. 

• We updated the credentialing questionnaire to standardize it across provincial conferences and to address issues that are important considerations for leaders in the MB conference.

• Bill Hogg, C2C Network missiologist, was invited to represent the C2C Network on the BFL.

Prayer requests

• Pray for the planning committee working on the 2015 study conference.

• Pray for wisdom for the BFL to set good priorities and respond to theological issues that arise.

Brian-Cooper—Brian Cooper

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