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April Issue 2014

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Four simple tools to build faith in children

What makes a missionary family?

Gap year for God

The pilot


Editorial: Ready for resurrection

Convention report: Ontario Living on mission through collaboration, accountability and blessing 

Outfront: What do we deserve?

Hogg Wild: Uptight about evangelism? 

Text Message: Communion: Room for everyone  

Intersection of faith and life: Life in the Angry Era



My Courageous Mother

Hands Across the Globe: Uruguay

Colours of Andhra Pradesh


News in story

Yoshio at CMBS 

Promontory shutters campus

MK support network

Generosity advances USMB church planting

Bethany adds voice to Saskatchewan schools

Violence interrupts food supply lines

A Bible for every home 

I think I can’t…but God can

CMBS “a godsend” for Anglicans

Cedar Park helps hospice

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]   

Grace Zacharias, Anne Neufeld, Lydia Regehr Duerksen, Ron Robertson, Annie Janzen, Peter Hildebrand, Cornelius (Neil) Friesen, Brenda Margaret Batting, Jacob Peter Nickel, Anna Giesbrecht Neufeld, Mary Poetker, Albert Falk 

The Voice of God


Church Anniversaries


Book Reviews

Citizenship in a different kingdom

New thinking for a new day in church planting

Mother of the Year and other Elusive Awards

Strangers at My Door: A True Story of Finding Jesus in Unexpected Guests  

Film Reviews

Son of God

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