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July/August 2017

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A covering of love
[Sharon Simpson

Between two worlds: A hospital chaplain reflects on medical assistance in dying
[Lawrence T. Cheung

Journeying to the next stage: What I’ve learned about end-of-life care
[Sharon Simpson 
with artwork by Krista Reimer

What’s new in aging: six 21st-century themes
[Barrie McMaster

Good advice for the third 1/3
[Barrie McMaster


No one dies alone

[Karla Braun

Confession of Faith
Article 3 – Creation and humanity
[Richard Martens

Wiebe’s Witness
Redeeming refugee stories

[David Wiebe

MB Seminary
Being a witness to those who are dying
[Mark Wessner

Troubling times: Biblical guidance for how to disagree on fractious issues
[Jon Isaak

Executive Board
MB Mission and C2C merger Q&A

God guides along a twisting path
[Barbara Armstrong

Intersection of faith and life
Can beauty grow out of ashes?

[Wilma Derksen



Stories from the harvest fields: Plant small?

Memory from MAID: “Youthful aid to the aged”

Coming events

News in story

Creation: a guide for mission (*online only)

Church anniversary – Parliament Community Church (*online only)

Historical Commission serves with trimmed budget (*online only)

PhD student saves history from shredder (*online only)

Youth EMBRACE risk on mission (*online only)

Walking for peace in Colombia (*online only)

Lumeya appointed to DR Congo government position (*online only)

Canadian government to match donation for famine response (*online only)

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[contentcards url=”https://mbherald.com/restorative-justice-funding-reinstated/” target=”_blank”]

Provincial conventions





Church anniversary

How beautiful are the feet: A tale of two slippers over three-and-a-half-decades of ministry (*online only)


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A special people and a very important mission: Re-imagining the Church (*online only)

[contentcards url=”https://mbherald.com/meet-gen-z/” target=”_blank”]

New methods for new youth: Meet Gen-Z (*online only)

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[contentcards url=”https://mbherald.com/gutsy/” target=”_blank”]

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Pauline (Paula) Rosa Bovair, Harry Lawrence Klassen, Adena Voth, Gerhard (George D.) Dyck, Robert Grant (Bob) Ardies, Edward Biffart, Elizabeth (Beth) Funk, Elfrieda Poetker, Elizabeth Sawatsky, Elfrieda (Kopp) Braun, Erika Falk, Susan Fedrau, Henry Martins, Aganetha Warkentin, John Berg, Helene Neufeld, Nettie Wall, Willi Matz, Elfrieda Korneyevna Friesen, Maria Loewen, Susana Wiens, Erna Siemens

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