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September/October 2016

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(Trans)formational development

Friends along the journey: The “what” and “how” of discipleship

11 questions to grow disciple-making churches

Mountaintop experiences or steep, rocky paths?


Editorial: A church for all nations

Viewpoint: How to wear moccasins

Wiebe’s Witness: What it means to be family

Text Message: Not in vain – 1 Corinthians 15:58

Intersection of faith and life: On the sea, in a home, along the path

Conference news

Executive leadership: Making disciples? or consumers?

Gathering 2016 business report: Oxygen for ministry

Daily Gathering 2016 recaps

Provincial conventions



Hot topic in the archives


Memory from MAID: The lighter side of school

Coming events


News in story

ICOMB summit 2016 (*online only)

Foundering flagship church sails new waters (*online only)

Coaching helps young moms get on their feet (*online only)

“Facebook” of a century past (*online only)

Leaders collective (*online only)

Elevation (*online only)

Displaced, yet reaching out to others (*online only)

Reconciling the Radical Reformation (*online only)

God leads from both ends

Student tears down walls by rebuilding them

Mentoring deepens faith, turns strangers into friends



What’s so dangerous about youth sports? Overplayed: a parent’s guide to sanity in the world of youth sports (*online only)

Places – and personalities – for prayer: An Insider’s Guide to Praying for the World (*online only)

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Abraham Hiebert, Pamela Dianne Anders, Donald Cecil Wiebe, Henry Teichrob, Hilda Kornelson, Peter Henry Janzen, Peter John Warkentin, Jakob Penner, Jacob (Jack) Block, Kaethi Klippenstein, Victor Willms, Mary Fehr, Benjamin Neufeld, Vera Voth, Anne Wiebe, John Teichrob, Dennis Jack Siemens, Cornelius Neufeld, Agatha (Boese Schimpky) Thiessen, Irene Sarah (Wedel) Philippsen, John Zacharias, Rudolph (Rudy) Martens, Peter John Martens, Helen (Enns) Braun, Agatha Toews, Henry Toews

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