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May/June 2016

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Stories in Art

They’re part of our family now

*Refugee toolkit

*Refugee sponsorship forum

Testimony: Do something

Viewpoint: How to work and share across differences

“I feel it’s my country now” (*online only)


Editorial: What can we do?

Wiebe’s Witness: Faithfulness and hospitality after upheaval

Intersection of faith and life: Who’s in charge?

Conference news

Executive director: True success

The “big idea”: MB agencies church planting together

Provincial conventions



Stories from the harvest fields: New beginnings in Maple Ridge

Memories from MAID: The Lam family reunites

Happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!

Coming events


News in story

French schools unite

MBCM becomes affiliate with SBC

KSOC proclaims God’s glory in Ukraine and Canada

Curriculum “christening” in DR Congo

Foodgrains Bank launches African drought appeal (*online only)

Syria, Iraq crisis response largest in MCC history (*online only)

CMU announces Environmental Studies major (*online only)

MCC asks for donations to respond to Ecuador earthquakes (*online only)

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Laura Marie Klassen, Dorothy Martha Hintz, Harold Berg, Lydia Peters, John John Peters, Edward Wiebe, Adolf Arm, Henry Lepp, Irma Margaret Kroker, Cornelius Warkentin, Henry Duerksen, Gilbert Edward Epp, David Nickel, Owen John Peverall, Arnold Fast, Gertrude Rempel, Leslie Arnold Schmidt, Henry Wiebe, Helen Petker, Anne Redekop, Selma Schmidt, Susie Block, Linda Anne Klassen, Edwin Harold Hintz, David D. Bartel, Peter Peters



New neighbours: Immigrant’s guide to Indigenous people

It’s time to return stories: Rescuing the Gospel from the Cowboys: A Native American Expression of the Jesus Way

No dead wood here: Doing Good Better: How to be an Effective Board Member of a Nonprofit Organization (*online only)

Peace heralds and gospel-hope bearers: Radical Apprentices (*online only)


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