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September issue 2009

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From every tribe, global church unites (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Paraguay’s lessons in diversity (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Helping each one hear (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Singing each other’s songs (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Heard at Assembly 15 (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Feeding the thousands (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

What I took home from Assembly 15 (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

A means to an end: living and teaching across cultures in Paraguay (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Indian women attend world event (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

In the vestibule of heaven

About this issue: Members of Meetinghouse, an association of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ publications, worked togeher to cover Assembly 15. the team included Dick Benner (Canadian Mennonite), Dora Dueck (MB Herald), Gordon Houser (The Mennonite), Paul Schrag (Mennonite Weekly Review), and photographer Lowell Brown.


Editorial: What Assembly 15 gave the future (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

Text Message: Holy holes, modern monuments   Joshua 4:21-24, Malachi 3:16

Intersection of faith and life: Comfort in the grass




Meet your executive board

MB Biblical Seminary board appoints 8th president

ICOMB meetings focus on mission

Columbia graduation marks 73rd year

Coming events

People and events

Conference news from other Mennonites

Budget cuts shrink outreach

Mennonites prioritize peace

U.S. Mennonites breathe in the Spirit

MCC volunteers set meat canning record

Parents take mission trip

Bringing the Word to the parish

MCC calls for understanding and prayer

­“We make smiles”

Camps growing in 5 countries

Reaching IN & OUT

MWC approves new initiatives

MCC seeks funds for Congolese hospitals


 “Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Irene Kliewer, Helen Penner, Nellie Voth, Rodney Fast, George Buller, Esther Berg, Erika Klara Elisabeth Bartel, Helene Janzen, William Neufeld, Lydia Isaak, Jacob Ben Janz, Erica Suderman, Gertrude Giesbrecht Abrahams



A trailblazing book about pioneering missionaries

Art depicts modern martyrs (MWC Assembly 15 coverage)

 Changing the face of leadership: The Leadership Jump

A place to start: You’re hired!

Spirituality for the disillusioned: Longing for God

Study offers hope for youth: The Emerging Millennials

Booknote: The Schoenbrunn Chronicles

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