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You’re hired!
Wally Kroeker

MEDA ebook, 2009


The purpose of You’re hired! by Wally Kroeker is to help Christians make their faith the focus of their career. It meets this purpose by first explaining how a Christian should look for a job and then outlining what it means to serve God at the job, whatever that job may be.

As such, this booklet (available online at www.meda.org) is appropriate for Christians at any stage of their career, whether looking for work or already hired. It’s also full of real-life examples, which help bring its many concepts into the realm of practical understanding.

Interestingly, Kroeker supports only four of the arguments presented in the 54-page body of You’re hired! with Scripture references. In addition, prayer is never suggested as a step toward finding the right job or as a way to serve God within a workplace. Reasons for these omissions are not made clear.

Confusion aside, after reading You’re hired! I became very excited to enter the workforce this year as I decide whether or not to go back to school. It hasn’t answered all of my questions, but it has given me hope and a place to start.

—Mark Durksen attends Scott St. MB Church, St. Catharines, Ont. He recently finished a BSc at Brock University in Biological Sciences and is contemplating what to do next.

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