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Changing the face of leadership

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The Leadership Jump: Building Partnerships Between Existing and Emerging Christian Leaders
Jimmy Long

IVP Books, 2009


The Leadership Jump is a guide for leaders in churches and ministries today – and tomorrow. Jimmy Long identifies the changes occurring within many of our congregations, and addresses the approach, process, and perspective leaders must consider as they journey toward longevity.

He does an excellent job of comparing various areas of “doing leadership” and “leadership roles” for both the modern leader and the emerging. Churches must not only value the current and previous leaders but also equip “new types of leaders” –leaders who “have to both invent the future and deal with the past.”

Long identifies questions for reflection, processing, and evaluation, while applying his principles in a section called “Changes to Consider” at the end of each chapter. He also provides an extensive bibliography on leadership development, change, and more.

Working with emerging leaders through Ministry Quest, I regularly connect with students searching for a clear plan of God’s call on their lives. As we process with these future leaders of the church, we discover there needs to be a balance between taking steps to use our gifts, and discerning how to live out the vision God provides.

One of Long’s challenges, identified as “From Destination to Journey,” asks “are you focused on your final destination, or are you looking forward to the adventure you are about to begin?” This change in perspective is insightful in that, as emerging leaders transition into leadership, the fear of change or response of power and control should not result simply in a plan. Developing a shared vision as leadership must remain at the forefront of our church’s efforts.

—Mike Rea is program director for Ministry Quest, a program of MB Biblical Seminary.

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