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Dream Big
Heather Boersma

This 30-day devotional book teaches how to take practical steps toward big goals. We humans often fail, but author Boersma shows how to deal with resulting feelings and regrets, teaching how to take attainable steps today.

Boersma infuses each of her day’s devotionals with examples from her life, making the day’s readings more relatable. She explains that, over time, trials and pressures she experienced growing up turned into works of forward motion in her life. Even though in the moment it’s tough to see the good in a situation, Boersma encourages her readers to keep pursuing God through the midst of chaos.

This book is encouraging to those who have dreams of any size, whether to run in a race, or open a business. She encourages readers to get out of their comfort zones, and start taking steps – and leaps – toward their goals. Boersma helps break down seemingly overburdening goals into smaller, more attainable tasks and short term goals.

This book is divided into three unique parts, which organize the book into easier sections of reading and learning. The first section, ‘God’s Dream for the World,’ teaches us about the original plans that God had for the world, and how they were shaped by the actions of Adam and Eve right from the beginning. This section talks about what it means to be a part of community, and how to live with mentorship and accountability. This section of the book talks about practical things that we can do to set up a good foundation for going after our dreams.

Part two, “God’s Dream for You,” discusses how to listen for God’s voice, and to hear the plans he has for you. Tasks such as honoring our mother and father, loving our enemies, and learning how to say no in tough or enticing situations are key foundations to living out the kind of life that God calls us to. Once we have set ourselves on a sturdy path, with God directing our steps, our huge dreams can begin to take shape.

In the final section of the book “Unlocking Your Dream,” Boersma shows the close relationship we need to pursue with God, having him as our guide and director through every piece of our dreams. She shows us how having huge goals can become overwhelming, and we can fall victim to worshiping our dreams and passions, instead of God. Boersma encourages us to share our dreams with others, to become accountable to our decisions, and to form relationships that will push us in the direction we need to go, to build God’s kingdom.

Boersma brings a fresh perspective on achieving goals, “aiming for the top,” and getting the most out of life. Ephesians 3:20 says “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” Throughout this book, it is very clearly shown that we can do nothing without God by our side. Boersma used the strength of God to write this book, and share her heart with those yearning to do just the same.

—Vicki Thoms recently completed a term as intern with the Beautiful Unique Girl program of Family Life Network.

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