July Issue 2013

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Faithfulness in an unfinished miracle

Peeling back the truth about youth and the church

From the West to the Global South and back again

The Parable of the Mustard Seed


Editorial: In defence of ordinary

Conference News: Retiring administrator paid it forward

Outfront: What do you need?

Text message: Meandering lives – Isaiah 55:8–9

Viewpoint: I’m sticking to church

Essay: “Let the little children come to me” On reproduction, abortion, and the miracle of life

Intersection of faith and life: The way love is




IVEP grows new skills

Shopping for good

International summit listens for God

News in story

MEDA: thanks a million

Minding other people’s business

Education for Egyptians with disabilities

CBC volleyball: Women of excellence, women of prayer

Hundreds of volunteers serve single parents: super!  

Redberry opens new chapter with gathering of supporters   

Grace after the storm: Pines Bible Camp perseveres

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Abram Froese, Anna (Pauls) Pries, Elizabeth (Betty) Unruh, Mathilde (Tilly) Helena Adrian, Helene Hildebrandt, Evelyn Martens, Arthur Reimer, Ernest Klos Kroeker, Anne Wall, Henry John Klassen, Otto Biech, Jacob Peter Froese, Clara (Hutt) Toews, Bernard Henry Wall, Katherine Elsie Martens, Mary (Klassen) Dyck, Kay Schellenberg, Tobias Jacob Reimer, Mary Louise Corothers Jahnke, Hertha Doerksen, Olga Wiens, Nelle Lydia McKay, Raymond Hugh Passmore, Evelyn Brandt                           



Moviemaker forgoes macabre for missionary memoir

Film on hot topic questions actions arising from belief


Sacred Pauses

A serious approach to leisure

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