April issue 2015

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An anxious Saviour 

Be transformed! 

Shall we dance?

Hope for the shadow people


Editorial: Stories that move

Executive director: Unpacking the mission we all share

Convention report: Are we willing to pay the price to multiply?

Text Message: I’m going fishing

ICOMB – The power of the Cross(es): Hope and faith in Lithuania

Transformed lives: No greater reward than sharing God’s love

Intersection of faith and life: People of the book?



Birth of Anabaptism

Summer archival intern announced

Church launch

Online Mennonite photo database “the future of digital community archives”

Coming events


News in story

Building to bless

Experience the Bible up close

Through MDS, love awakens hope

Mennonite Historical Society of Canada AGM 2015

Millions on edge of major food crisis in South Sudan


“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Frank Warkentin, Ruth Warkentin, Rudy Jacob Dyck, Raymond Charles Rusk, George Wiens, Erika Koop, Peter Henry Penner, Liese Friesen, Jacob Epp, Katherine Allert, Abram Ernie Isaak



Netflix for the church

Prayer calendar

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