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Letters April 2015

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Reaffirming non-resistance

Re “Faithful together in civil conflict” (Columns, January). My prayers are for the believers caught up in the terrible conflict in Eastern Ukraine. For many of us, Ukraine was our grandparents’ homeland. Our grandfathers also had to choose whether to take up arms against anarchist militias or accept conscription into the White Army when the front moved through their villages. Those troubled times brought our families to Canada as refugees.

What should a believer from our country think or do about all this? Let us strengthen our non-resistant beliefs. We should teach our sons and daughters it’s never a good idea to join the army in war or peace. We are a separate people and not of this world. We should try to put ourselves in the shoes of people like those brothers who were conscripted. I cannot judge them and hope they are safe.

David Schroeder

Queen Charlotte, D.C.

Just read it

Re “How will I engage with the Bible?” (Features, March). In my 40 years of professional life and 55 years of Christian life, I have always used the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) method. Also, I try not to make the easy seem hard. So, when it comes to reading the Bible, I have one rule for all those who trust Jesus as Messiah: read the Bible as if your life depended upon it because it does!

Gary Dickson

Port Coquitlam, B.C

Switch it up

Re “How do you engage the Word?” (Features, March). I really enjoyed reading this as I seem to be struggling with just sitting down and concentrating on reading. Nice suggestions to switch it up. Thank you.

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Still too stereotypical

Re “Looking back over 2014” (Editorial, January). Feminism is a movement that strives for equal rights and opportunities for men and women. Yet, to say the installment of a new position to support the spouses of church planters is somehow related to feminism misses out on essential elements of feminism and reinforces gender stereotypes. We must find a way to flesh out feminism and embrace it in a liberating way for both genders within the body of Christ.

Emma Mae Boddy


An answer to prayers

Re The mustard seed (Features, March). What an incredible God we have that answered our prayers!! The joy of reuniting with family and church as well as the baptism is so encouraging. God is faithful.

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What a wonderful story of how God builds churches with “broken” people. I have prayed for this woman and am so thankful for this wonderful new life she has, even though the journey is probably difficult at times.

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A way forward

Re “Sexual violence and the church” (Intersection, March). Thank you, Jessica Morgun, for this piece. I think you are getting at something very necessary and important, especially # 3, the idea of entitlement propagated in some Christian books as
biblical, thus once more using the Bible “against” the other. The way forward is as you suggest.

Dora Dueck
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