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Letters – Summer 2019

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MB Herald welcomes your letters of 150–200 words on issues relevant to the Mennonite Brethren church, especially in response to material published in the Herald. The reader response column is a free forum for discussion; letters represent the position of the respondent, not necessarily the position of the Herald.


Intergenerational relationships

As a student in Grade 12 at MBCI, I believe that gender and age representation is very important in the church.

When I was young, my family switched churches. My parents wanted us to develop relationships in the church setting that we would take home and outside of the church.

At our new church, there were many children and young families. This created endless opportunities to engage in the church both directly and indirectly through girls and boys club, vacation Bible school, mother-and-daughter crafting classes, and mission opportunities.

A church that has a plan to incorporate both direct and indirect relationships – meeting the members’ desires to meet people and support the church – is the best way, in my opinion to have a congregation that is passionate for a very long time. A congregation that will encourage members to remain in the church and also welcome to new members. We need to feel like we all own it, love it, have a say, and want to pass it down to our offspring.

Although it is easier not to change things up, the value of innovation and long-lasting relationships and friendships inspired by different people, both young and old, leads to better overall engagement and lasting congregations.

Alli Pauls

Ethics in practice

Re “Peace by Piece: a ministry of sewing” (online only)
I really enjoyed reading about the impact Mennonite Association for Peace and Development (MAPD) has on people, especially women.

After our Bible class at MBCI did a unit on ethics and morals, we were told to do research on some company’s ethical issues. I was horrified reading what some companies do: from child labour, to horrible working conditions – I couldn’t take reading about it anymore.

While reading about the work MAPD has been doing for women, my mind went back to the other articles, and it made me happy to see that there are groups trying to change.

Organizations like MAPD need more exposure, so that we can all help them with the good work they’ve been doing. We should also be supporting organizations like MCC who practise fair trade. Ethically sourced products should be sold in bigger stores so that we have more opportunity to support the workers.

This article inspired me. I hope that I can read more like it, and also help to strengthen organizations like MAPD. Giving opportunity for healing to those who need it most is so important. We have to become more selfless and be more willing to help the people around us.

Victoria Duester


Many thanks for the MB Herald. I grew up reading it as a young girl with my parents. Today, I still savour it over a couple of evenings when it comes. Of course, I read it backwards, as many others do – obituaries first.

I get the emails and read it on Facebook – but it’s not the same as holding it up in my hands!

Thanks for all you do. Blessings to all the staff at the Herald.

Ruth Isaac
Morden, Man.

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