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Letters – Winter 2018

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God’s treasured collection

Re “Broken things and a bottle of tears” (Editorial November/December 2017)

I’m sure you wrote this editorial just for me – at least that’s how the Lord used your writing.

There has been a conflict brewing in my life since springtime that came to a head recently. I feel misunderstood and lied about. It’s maybe the first time I’ve truly experienced an injustice. Hence the feeling of brokenness and many tears. The two Bible verses you referenced (Psalm 56:8 and 1 Peter 5:7) are very meaningful for me right now.

God has spoken into my life in marvellous ways over the past while and has enabled me to maintain a Christlike attitude in response to this difficult situation. That’s why I was so taken aback when everything was forced back into my life suddenly again.

The picture of God tracking my sorrows, collecting my tears in a bottle, and recording them in his book is both soothing and healing. My desire is not to keep rehashing my hurts but to “cast them on Christ who cares for me” (1 Peter 5:7).

Thank you for the timely reminder that, until Christ returns “we will remain a place of broken things and tears, but we are his: a treasured collection.”

Grace Klassen

The church of today

I really enjoyed Janessa Giesbrecht’s article “Who is missing?” (Intersection November/December 2017) because she highlights the importance of visibility.

I strongly relate; I cannot picture myself in a role until I see someone who shares my gender and my age serving.

I recently discovered that I want to work with kids. I wasn’t able to envision myself serving others by being a camp counsellor until I had the opportunity to watch other young women in this role, showing me the way.

I often hear adults say that Millennials are the future of the church. (I am a Grade 11 student at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute.) I believe that we are the church now. But how are we to be the church, if we cannot relate to any of the roles of the church?

Churches need to look for a way to include more young people in the work and service of the church because we have the ability and the gifts to do great things now; not just 10 years from now.

Yes, we will make mistakes from time to time, but so did everyone else while they were learning.

Millennials are creative and think differently from other generations. We can bring much more to the table if given a chance.

Anna Rogalsky

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