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December Issue 2013

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Cover art by Kate Cosgrove, a professional creative from Michigan. Cosgrove’s art has exhibited in galleries and online, with collectors across the globe.


Home for Christmas

A simple wish list

Waiting for Christmas

Picking up the basin and the towel

Bow down or  Stand tall


Editorial: What a relief!

Conference news

Church leaders welcome dialogue on sexuality

CCMBC’s annual general meeting heralds a new era in financial stewardship

Photo essay

Outfront: On a journey toward Jesus

Text Message:  Well haggled 

Viewpoint: The hands and feet of Jesus

Intersection of faith and life: Have a theological Christmas 




Sharing the good news at home away from home

Together under one roof

Treasure in a basket

Christmas Eve: shepherd-style

News in story

Dairy farms and church plants:

Early Retirement…to Ukraine?

Dentist “makes ploughshare from sword”

Candace Derksen verdict overturned

MCC taps teachers’ memories

College navigates challenges of current realities

Partnerships feature in long-awaited grad ceremony

Give the gift of class

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]   

Heinrich (Henry) Pauls, Justa Pauls, David Mirams Harrison, Ronald Alan Fogarty, Senon Sauder, Elizabeth (Betty) Neufeld, Helen Peters, Pamela Kutcher, Nellie Bergmann, Katie Martens, Jacob Toews, Clifford Henry Nickel     C



Book Notes


The Intolerance of Tolerance 

The Unkingdom of God: Embracing the Subversive Power of Repentance    


Updated Dec 10, 2013: cover artist information added.

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