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Christmas gift basket outreach bears fruit

“Mrs. Mime” cannot speak any English, but she does understand one of the 16 languages on a Jesus DVD she received from the Jesus Network, a Toronto MB church. The DVD was tucked into a Christmas basket (containing food, toys, and a New Testament) the Jesus Network delivered as part of a distribution blitz to Toronto neighbourhoods bustling with new Canadians.

The Jesus Network makes many spiritual connections with newcomers through this Christmas outreach, but staff can’t know everyone who watches the DVD or reads the Bibles. Sometimes they find out in surprising ways. This March, an English-speaking girl grabbed Jesus Network staff Hayley (whom she recognized from the neighbourhood) and invited Hayley home to meet her mother, Mrs. Mime.

Hayley learned Mrs. Mime had watched the Jesus DVD every day for three months! When her daughter introduced Hayley, Mrs. Mime grabbed hold of Hayley, kissed her, and animatedly marked her palms, spread her arms wide, and mimed the cross. She then gave Hayley a huge smile and two thumbs up.

This was the beginning of a great connection. Mrs. Mime now attends all Jesus Network services and hosts a small group Bible study in her apartment in her language. She boldly proclaims her love for Jesus.

—Stacey Weeks, former Ontario correspondent

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