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The $50 that came back

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Photo by A L L E F . V I N I C I U S Δ on Unsplash

At the Christmas program in 2014, I met a young woman who attended the community program at Healing Hearts Ministry.  

As we chatted, I invited her to our New Year’s Eve service. She brought her two children, and showed up again at church the next Sunday morning.  

She asked me if I could give her a Bible: her 11-year-old son was interested in reading it. 

I gave her one.  

She told me that she was moving to B.C., but did not have enough gas money yet.  

I gave her the $50 in my wallet with these words: “This is your seed money, God will provide the rest.”  


At the end of June 2018, a B.C. number called my cell phone, so I let it go to voicemail.  

It was the woman from 2014. 

How did she get this number? I wondered as I called her back. 

She told me that her son had read that Bible from cover to cover.  

They were both baptized a few years ago.  

Church has become very important to them. 


Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

She attended a service at Healing Hearts while in Regina for the summer.  

We weren’t there that Sunday, so she gave an envelope to a friend of mine to give to me.  

Inside was the original $50 in the original envelope with my name, cell phone number, address, and email address written on the outside.  

The envelop was unopened. She never used the money.  

There was a note: 

“Arlene, A special delivery to come to say how grateful I am what you did for us – helping us with the gas money when we really needed it ($50). Also giving a child’s Bible for me to deliver to [her son in B.C.] was the best gift ever. The Living Word.” 

It is amazing what a brief encounter, $50, and a Bible has done.  

God uses the little that we have to offer and it becomes much. 

[Arlene Schroeder is a member of Parliament Community Church, Regina. She is a full-time missionary with Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. in Regina where she is involved in discipleship and mentoring of women. Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. is a non-denominational Christian ministry that works with local ministries and/or individuals helping to bring the healing touch of Jesus to wounded hearts. 

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