August Issue 2013

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Leaving a faithprint

Families that go!

Storing up treasure


Editorial: The common good: a great idea

Conference News: Executive board finds a sandbox

Vancouver church closes, bequeaths building to new plant

Outfront: Why would God send this flood?

Text message: Watch the weeds grow — Matthew 13:31–32

Viewpoint: Why don’t young adults go to church?

Intersection of faith and life: The constructive power of words




Pastor sets stage for Spirit

“You know you’re a Mennonite Brethren when…”

Vancouver church closes, bequeaths building to new plant

News in story

Helping poor withdraw from cash

MCC says “Oba jo”

The new generation of history

Choir reunites to sing director’s praises

Building and releasing

EdenB: a safe place to train leaders   

Special service honours First Nations people 

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Waldo Hiebert, Helen (Wiens) Willems, Susan Voth, Helmuth (Hank) Goertz, Harry Hiebert, Arthur Henry PetersEdwin Ferdinand JanzFrieda Redekop (Wieler) BrunnerEleanor SiemensKatie MartensViolet NeumannAgnes DueckOlga RempleSusie EppLydia EnnsHelena PaulsErnest Albert Voth



Theatre that matters: Pacific Theatre celebrates 30 years of creativity, artistry, and the grace of God

Family secrets


It Happened in Moscow

Book Notes

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