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“You know you’re a Mennonite Brethren when…”

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….you know Anabaptist isn’t John the Baptist’s wife

….you know that ICOMB is not a new personal grooming tool from Apple

….you don’t confuse Menno Simons, George Blaurock, or Conrad Grebel with indie musicians


….you know the difference between MBBS, MBBC, and MCC

….you own the entire 52-year corpus of the MB Herald

….you’re into peacemaking, but happily hunt down your friends during a game of lasertag or paintball

….you’ve accidentally ordered a BFL for lunch

….your idea of SOARing over spring break is having a church-basement sleepover with hundreds of your closest friends

….your best stories begin with “When I was at MBBC/CMU/Bethany/ETEM/MBBS…”

….you think of your church, not the province of Manitoba when you read “MB”

….you see profound logic in spending 15¢ for a coffee mug at the MCC thrift store and $15 for coffee at Ten Thousand Villages


….your family says grace by singing the doxology in four-part harmony


—Complied by Karla Braun

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Tim Schmucker October 1, 2013 - 12:16

How about 10 out of 12?? Other than having filled my attic with MB Heralds and how I start my best stories, I made it in!! I’ll share in my Mennonite Church Eastern Canada congregation on Sunday that Karla Braun has pronounced me MB! :-)


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