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January/February 2016 issue

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I shall not want

Glass half full? Transformation survey, Part II

The Christian chaplain

Week of prayer 2016

The year that was


Editorial: Restack the boxes

About this issue

Viewpoint: My church visitor project

Wiebe’s Witness: voyage into the unknown



Prayer: power for ministry

Memory from MAID

Conference news

Foodgrains Bank receives $1 million

Coming events


News in story

Prayer Journey

Leading historian dies

MB studies project grants awarded (*online only)

Stillwood expands

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Katharina (Tina) Brown, David (Tony) Enns, Walter Goerzen, Maria Martens, Abe C. Klassen, Jacob Krahn Wiebe, Maria Rempel, Martha Braun Peters, Agnes Spenst, Lena Fast, Edwin Walter Friesen, Elfriede Susanne Peters, John Philip Wiebe, Aganeta Janzen, Helen (Henrietta) Enns, Jacob Baerg Jr., Anne Doerksen, Elisabeth Rogalsky, Erna Siemens, Margaret Thiessen



What’s your style? Spirituality with Clothes On

The church needs theology more than ever: The Work of Theology

Human/divine dilemma in church and culture: Christ at the Crux

Meaningful communion in an internet culture: Real Christian Fellowship

Research addresses “silent exodus”: English Ministry Crisis in Chinese Canadian Churches

Interpersonal conflict among early church leaders: James and Paul(*online only)

A taste of church planting: Nomadic Faith (*online only)

Straight talk on healthy decision making: All the Places to Go (*online only)


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