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Prayer – power for ministry

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C2C Network Summit highlights

Intercessory prayer defined the C2C Network annual church planter Summit (formerly called retreat) in Toronto, Nov. 9–12, 2015. More than 200 participants cried out to God for the specific requests of many church planters.

My feet aren’t the first thing to hit the ground in the morning – my knees are, says Derek Parenteau, planter for First Peoples in Parry Sound, Ont. If we start the day without praying, we might be depending more on ourselves than on the power of God to accomplish our ministry, he cautions.

We do not have because we do not ask (James 4:2). If we ask anything in Jesus’ name, he will do it (John 14:14).

C2C asks people to pray every day for more workers sent by the Lord of the harvest (Luke 10:2). But prayer isn’t a starter’s pistol for the King to respond; rather, it’s the very drop of water to a parched tongue, the source of power for ministry. John Bunyan urged Jesus followers to pray often, for it is “a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God and a scourge for Satan.” C2C Network desires its planters to believe in God and pursue great things by faith through the open door of prayer.—Scott Thomas, national associate director, C2C Network

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