April Issue 2013

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The  Outsiders 

The Journey


Editorial: A response to intolerance against Christians

Text messageCome and rest in God’s arms

Testimony: From BFFs to my dad’s brain cancer

Essay: Do you want to get well?

Intersection of faith and life: Who cares?

Outfront: Partnership and prayer



Thank you for the shoes
For Goodness’ Sake

News in story

“For you were strangers…”
MCC stages discussion
Cooperative sparks new energy for  outreach to Indo-Canadians
CIDA sings MEDA’s praises

MHSC keeps making history

Songs go where sermons can’t

The dark side of being white

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Hilla Funk, Emilie Hammermeister, Johnny (Jack) Isaac Pauls, Dave Unruh, Anne Klassen, Helen Goertz, Martha Suderman, Helena Hildebrandt, Mary Hare, John Henry Neufeld, Bernhard (Ben) Falk, Mary Louise Neumann, Thelma Oliver, Dorothy Verna Unrau, Heinrich (Henry) Neufeld, Ralph Stevenson, Elfriede Penner, Peter Warkentin



Discerning music Part 4: The ends for which we live


Why People Don’t Believe

Healing the Gospel: A Radical Vision for Grace, Justice, and the Cross 

Taste and See: An Invitation to Read the Bible

How to Write a New Book for the Bible [Theatre]

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