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58 Years of MB Herald

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Banff ’77 MB youth convention report by Allan Siebert, Jan. 22, 1978

Mar. 5, 1976

Five ink drawings by then 17-year-old Wanda Koop, Dec. 13, 1968

Excerpt from the prospectus stated in the first issue of MB Herald, Jan. 19, 1962

Feature about MB Communications TV program that would became Third Story, Nov. 26, 1976

Oct. 22, 1982

71st Canadian convention report,
Three Hills, Alta.
by John Longhurst and
Gordon Nickel, July 16, 1982

First full-colour issue September 2008

Koop won a Governor
General’s Award for Visual
Arts in 2016

First Encounter
evangelistic insert,
Spring/Summer 1997

Comic by Ray Dirks, Sunkist youth insert, July 21, 1978

Painting from “Studies in (Im)mortality” by Max Funk, January/February 2017

“The Herald’s future in light of its past” by Frank H. Epp in the 20th anniversary issue, Jan. 15, 1982

Thank you for 58 years of print!

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