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MBThrowback – Spring 2019

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Drama at Christian Day Camps

“We are not interested in erecting buildings, but in calling men and women to Christ and into His service.”—1970 Home Missions Committee letter to Manitoba MBs.

From 1970–89, the Mennonite Brethren Church of Manitoba brought camp to children through Christian Day Camps in Leaf Rapids, Snow Lake, Cranberry Portage, The Pas, Wanless, Flin Flon, and Thompson.

“As staff members visit the campers’ parents, they are warmly received and frequently discussions turn to God’s offer of salvation,” wrote camp director Ken Neufeld. Bible studies eventually became church plants.

Do you know the names of the camp staff in this photo from around 1977? Help CMBS identify them by emailing information to archives@mbchurches.ca.

This photo from the Centre for MB Studies (NP149-01-1440) is available to the public in collaboration with MAID: the Mennonite Archival Image Database. Research or purchase images from Mennonite churches and organizations at archives.mhsc.ca.

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