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December Issue 2014

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The gift of generosity

The art of imaginative prayer

The baby and the dragon

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas


Editorial: Have a “thin” Christmas

Executive director: Worship the King of Kings

Text Message: Choosing God’s story

ICOMB – Wiebe’s witness: Christmas all year-round

Intersection of faith and life: The time of our life



Executive board report

BFL report


Margaret’s great gift: she loves these “drugging youth”

Simple gifts

Hands across the globe: Panama

Jesus Christ is coming…

Coming events

News in story

TWU launches new Anabaptist-Mennonite centre

Chinese appointment fosters closer ties

Columbia outlook brighter at 2014 AGM

The least likely missionary engineer

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Johan (John) M. Wiens, Agnes (Nettye) Alicie Dyck, Annie Koop, Peter Stobbe, Kari Marie Koehn Stewart, Lydia Peters Schroeder, Johanna Marie van Kuik, Mary Ellen Epp, Luella Dueck, Mary Balzer, Gustav Barkman Dueck


Anniversary: Pastor serves Justice for 25 years


One-man play calls audience to hear another story

Worship where it is due

Prayer calendar

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Andy J. Funk December 1, 2014 - 11:43

The polarizing of the issues of interfaith dialogue is becoming problematic to the faithful witness of the Christian church. Greg Good, in the December issue of the Herald, calls the ecumenical and interfaith movements “dangerous”, but I wonder if the fear and mistrust he exhibits might be more dangerous to our witness. First, he seems to assume that seeking common ground with Muslims is antagonistic to the gospel. I think scripture points us in the opposite direction. Second, Good could stand to read up on his Christian history. His comments reveal a severe lack of understanding of the early church out of which the Catholic church grew, and from which all evangelical churches share in common origin. I find it tiring to hear the ignorant sentiments asserted by too many evangelicals that Catholics are not Christian. Our people need to be taught better. This is not to say we ought to pretend there are no differences, but the church must be better equipped to engage in interfaith dialogue, not run from them. To do this we need to practice such engagement and open ourselves to learning from others.


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