August issue 2015

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How to love the foreigner among you

Welcoming refugees – a picture of God’s kingdom

How to support the parents of a child with invisible disabilities

How to worship within and beyond the walls

How to ask better questions to gain clarity

Leaders improve their serve with L2L coaches

How to draw great stories from short-termers

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Editorial: What is truth? (*online only)

Executive leadership: Executive board continues Herald, plans survey

*Notice of special meeting*

CCMBC moderator profile: Money hatches ministry

Testimony: Four-foot-tall guides to the heart of God

Text Message: Costly grace

Viewpoint: Who answers whom?

Intersection of faith and life: Go gentle into that good night



Coming events


News in story

Church planting in Canada: a life and death venture

Community and church rally to feed hungry kids

Society aims to make history French

Historical Commission meets and awards Katie Funk Wiebe grant (*online only)

5 gifts we received in the Holy Land (*online only)

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Johan (John) Heier, Florence Kathrine Heier, Katie Mathies, Menno Siemens, Betty Martens, Paul Henry Girard, Abe Heidebrecht, Ernest Frederick Bergen, Nettie Schroeder, Martha Peters, Betty Reimer, Sharon Bergen


Church anniversary


Deep and wide: Manual for mission from everywhere to everywhere

Cultural embrace and cultural resistance: California Mennonites

Devotional album’s Scripture-based songs shine: Lost and Found (*online only)

How to turn an electric toy to evangelistic tool: A Field Guide for Everyday Mission (*online only)

Disagreement as a recipe for peace: Reconcile (*online only)

Glimmer of redemption as Hal Wiens returns: Come Back (*online only)

Prayer calendar


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