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C2C music launches worship album

c2cmusic“There were many glorious moments singing these songs when the presence of the Lord came down,” says Pat Sczebel, singer/songwriter on C2C Music’s first recording Revive Us Again. “We were all on our knees in the studio undone by what Christ has done for us.”

Beginning Nov. 3, pastors and musicians can purchase C2C Music song downloads and chord charts at www.C2CNetwork.ca. Revive Us Again will launch Nov. 9–12, 2015, at C2C’s Summit (formerly called “retreat”), where church planters will sing the entire album during the gathering and return to their churches with the CD.

“There’s a robust theology in these lyrics,” says C2C Network national director Gord Fleming. Comparing the songs on Revive Us Again to old hymns, he says, “They seek to regain that richness.”

“We put such a priority on preaching the Word, and rightly so, but sometimes we don’t put enough emphasis on worship,” says Fleming. “The entire experience of the gathered church should exalt Christ.”

Pat Sczebel wrote and recorded Revive Us Again together with his sons Josh and Joel. Sczebel is elder of creative arts and student ministries at Crossway Church in Surrey, B.C., the C2C Network-affiliated church he planted 18 years ago. Since January 2015, Sczebel has also served C2C, the church planting arm of the Mennonite Brethren church, as quarter-time worship leader and trainer for events and church plants.

Photo courtesy C2C Music

Photo courtesy C2C Music

“My passion is to work with our music teams serving local churches to help them evaluate: is Jesus at the centre of what we’re doing?” Sczebel says it’s easy for churches to drift into “worshipping worship” – to become more concerned about the right lighting, the right instruments.

When we sing of Jesus’ perfect life, death, ascension, return and reign over all things, says Sczebel, people who don’t yet know Jesus who walk into our services will say, “Jesus is in this place.”

Sczebel saw God at work in the way Revive Us Again came together so quickly: only five days in the studio. Seattle producer Brian Eichelberger offered to cut his prices almost in half because he believed so strongly in the value of this album for the church.

“These songs are written for the local church, so as a pastor, I get excited,” says Brett Landry of Christ City Church, Vancouver, a C2C church plant. Christ City’s worship leaders, including Revive us Again songwriter Josh Sczebel, are “excited to teach these new songs and see how God will use them,” says Landry. “This album will equip the church to inform, to inspire and to glorify God.”

Fleming’s hope is that downloads of C2C Music songs will grow into an income stream that will fund more new church plants.

Photo courtesy C2C Music

Photo courtesy C2C Music

“When God’s Spirit moves, he gives us a new song,” says Fleming. “The Vineyard raised up an entire music repertoire for our country. I wouldn’t be surprised if God raises up brilliant artists within and outside the MB denomination” through C2C Music.

“Our prayer is that God would take these songs and use them to revive our hearts, to revive our churches, to revive our land, all for the glory of his great name,” says Sczebel.

—Angeline Schellenberg

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