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MBH Podcast 2.11 // Elmer Stobbe: Crop scientist turned church planting booster


Elmer Stobbe may be long retired from his career as a professor of crop science at University of Manitoba – but he’s not letting any grass grow under his octogenarian feet. Mentorship has been a theme of his life, from the mentors he learns from, to the many students and farmers with whom he pioneered zero till on the Prairies, to farmer/entrepreneurs/community developers/church planters he is now supporting in Lesotho.

In this podcast, Elmer shares about his relationship with Khotso Mokitimi, an evangelist for ABCD and the gospel, who is seeing lives transformed among small farmers in Lesotho.

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Rudy Hiebert November 21, 2018 - 17:39

Karla, this – Elmer’s podcast, is what I love to hear about the themes that stir my enthusiasm.

Karla Braun November 21, 2018 - 17:45

Thanks, Rudy.

Yantai Gan November 26, 2018 - 09:11

Very proud of Elmer, my PhD supervisor at the U of Manitoba back to 1990-1994.
He has never retired from his career!

Larry Taylor January 6, 2019 - 10:06

I too am extremely proud of Elmer, my friend, mentor and Supervisor at U of Manitoba 1975-77 for my M.Sc. thesis on Zero Tillage Crop Production. His academic and personal guidance changed my life as he did for so many others through out his eventful life. I will miss him.

Brian Cooper January 7, 2019 - 17:47

I am a member of South Abbotsford Church where Elmer Stobbe was a member. Yesterday I was saddened deeply by the news that Elmer passed on to glory on January 1. I am glad to know that he is in the wonderful presence of Jesus Christ, but I am sad to realize that I will not enjoy his conversation and fellowship for some time. Elmer was a joy to me, an inspiring example of a growing disciple who never stopped looking for ways to invest for the Kingdom. He was a blessing and an example of godly maturity, and I will miss him … for a time. I look forward to the reunion.

Khotso Mokitimi January 23, 2019 - 05:28

I felt alone and lost when I hear about the passing on of Elmer. He has been mentoring since 2010 untill 2 days before he we went to Glory of God. Elmer was not only my mentor but a loving and caring parent to me. He didicated his whole life unto me since we met. He wanted to see change in Africa and I became his powerful channel to excecute what he thought could be a best strategy to get Africa out of Poverty. I think it was God’s to meet Elmer since he found me struggling to find sustainable solution for my poor country to get out poverty. There are a number of plan we anticipated to.accomplish in 2019, that was building of the Tarinning Centre, in order to stabilise my efforts and implement impact based through learning. Ingorance is the greates dissability in human kind. On the last two days before his passing, he said my friend and not feeling well but atleast I have wriitng some letter to various people who support with funds to build a teainning center but I have to click a sent button but I cant because am.weak. He hoped by the next day he would be better, but he had to be admitted and a day after passed on. Tears did not stop rolling on my face. My green houses were also blown by heavy storms and were also trying to find solutions, Oh my, he is no more to encourage and give me guidence. Am.proud of Elmer, he is a Master of his own destiny. He left the above audio as the legacy, and I have someone to.talk about to my kids yet to be on this earth. He is my hero and his spirit shall forever live! I slaute you my friend rest in peace!


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