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Created after the divestiture of the binational Mennonite Brethren conference ministries in 2002, Can-Am is the name for a meeting of executive leadership from the U.S. and Canada (elected and staff chairs of national conferences, Multiply, Historical Commission, and national boards of faith and life). The informal meetings are intended as a day to report, share, pray, and support one another, and to test ideas with each other.

In July 2019, directors invited a young leader to participate with them. Here are two who reflected on their
experience for MB Herald:

Andree Abrahams

Home church
Yarrow MB, Chilliwack, B.C.

Leadership role(s) in home church
pastoral intern (Immerse MDiv student); Sunday school director

On the MB family
To be a part of the MB family is to recognize that we come before God as people in community. We listen to God together. We worship and work together.
As young and old, male and female, from diverse contexts and backgrounds, we have so much to share with one another as we journey to the Centre. It is a blessing that we can be such an integral part of each other’s stories.

On being invited
Leadership development is an active value in our conference of churches. Our national leaders are willing to invest not only time and resources into discipleship, but also their personal lives and ministry experience.

Take-home impressions
I observed team leadership that valued active listening, a willingness to be vulnerable, and sincere relationship.
I learned about the sacrifices and joys of the calling to ministry, and about discerning God’s lead through times of intense work, great impact, changes of course, and challenges.

Dryden Block

Home church
Christian Fellowship Church, Lanigan, Sask.

Leadership role(s) in home church
moderator of executive team

On the MB family
It was encouraging to hear not only about the successes across Canada and the United States, but also the challenges we all face.
I found it very unifying to see that across both countries we are all on a journey to discover how we activate our local churches for local, national, and global mission and intentional discipleship.
I was impressed by the other younger leaders.

Take-home impressions
The message that I left with after the meetings is that the local church matters. Growth can come out of healthy local churches on mission and focusing on discipleship. There have been plenty of changes recently, but I sense that MB leaders are actively listening for God’s direction through all of it.

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