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Study conference coverage

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Citizen bloggers have been reporting on plenaries, workshops and the Bible study at study conference “God, Sex and Church.”

Check out their work on the study conference blog.

Lisa Braun observes that it matters how we talk — David Warkentin‘s workshop on Clarity in a Culture of Shame.

Unity in diversity. There is abundance, responsibility and provision in God’s creation. Jacqueline Block reflects on the Bible study on Genesis 2:4–25.

When we count ourselves among the broken, we walk with those who struggle and learn something about humility, repentance  and faithfulness ourselves, Tim McCarthy considers the benefit of Spiritual Friendship for all of us.

Jon Mair agrees with CMU philosophy professor Justin Neufeld that we need constant dialogue on sexuality in the church — it’s too large and complex to address only occasionally.

Let’s talk about sex with our youth, says pastor of young adults, Leonard Klassen. Four local post-secondary students candidly shared their perspectives — and some challenges.

Pondering Bruxy Cavey‘s sex talk, Rich Rempel asks, how can we learn truths about God’s best for us before asking questions about how to show love to those whose reality is far apart from that ideal?

Kathy McCamis ponders how Bruxy Cavey‘s Q&A session supported and reflected her own experiences of seeking to be welcoming but not affirming.

We’re strange for the wrong reasons, Paul Cumin said. Jon Mair was struck by Paul’s suggestion that the Christian difference should be living like Jesus — “utterly and completely for others.”

Leonard Klassen is ready to take up Janessa Giesbrechts challenge to tackle the subject of sexuality with teens — without fear!

“How do I see God at work in my life? How does my dependence on God translate into my relationships? What does this have to do with sex, ‘glorious’ or not?” Paul Cumin‘s workshop makes Eric Friesen think.


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