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EQUIP study conference on hermeneutics

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Interpreting Scripture Today

EQUIP study conference attendees shared reflections on the sessions at EQUIP study conference Oct. 23–25, 2019.

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Words about Words

No matter what other amazing and insightful words Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary professor Tim Geddert offered this afternoon on “the authoritative function of Scripture,” it was worth hearing the important truth that Jesus is always at the centre of our understanding of Scripture.

Mapping our Bible reading

Using the work of Canadian Catholic philosopher Charles Taylor, Dueck sketched a cultural map that he suggested every serious reader of the Bible should understand.

Shots from the canon

Keener has challenged us to think of Scripture as text – and we need to understand each verse in context, starting with its literary genre.

Encountering God in the text

As we approach those closest to us in a listening and open posture, we must also approach Scripture in the same way. When considering the need to and the tools for interpreting God’s Word to us, it is essential that we do not merely approach it as a book or information but as a personal letter that speaks to us.

Transformational community

Fast-forward 12 years to a place far from Bethany, I found myself experiencing much of the same emotions and thoughts as I once did on the old Bethany campus as I took in the EQUIP study conference in Waterloo, Ont.

Good group work?

My interpretation of the Scripture passage we examined was strengthened because of those I was working with.

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