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EQUIP Study Conference

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Rebranded “EQUIP,” the 2017 study conference on Transforming Discipleship Nov 1–3, 2017, at Northview Community Church was a hit if its 384 registered guests were any indication. The location in Abbotsford, B.C., a province that is home to 40 percent of Canadian Mennonite Brethren churches, nearly guaranteed a good turnout, but MBs also came from Quebec, across the border in the U.S., from Germany, and Thailand to learn together about how to follow Jesus better.

Plenary speaker Darrell Johnson, a Presbyterian minister and former Regent college professor, brought Scripture alive, opening the key Anabaptist text – the Sermon on the Mount – in new ways for many listeners.

MB ministry leaders led workshops on singing as discipleship, discipling like Jesus, discipleship in the family, and more.
Read session reflections from volunteer bloggers and watch videos from the sessions at

The conference was prefaced by a special general meeting in which delegates approved a markedly reduced budget for CCMBC, a separate budget for CCMBC Legacy Fund Inc., now a separate entity, a Legacy board member, and the merger of MB Mission and the C2C Network. See mbherald.com/special-general-meeting-2017.

Watch sessions online at

We are called to be “detectives of divinity,” paying attention to the work that God’s Spirit is already doing in people’s lives, says Rob Loane of VantagePoint3,
one of the TED-style talk presenters.

“C2C and MB Mission both do similar work,” says Bruce Enns at an informational breakout session before the SGM. “Both are about creating missionaries, raising up leaders, doing church planting, doing missionary work.”

In the zero-based budget process taken to develop
the 2018 budget for CCMBC, “we looked at priorities
in ministry rather than historical spending,” says
CFO Jim Davidson.

“This is not a dysfunctional church,” organizational consultant Les Stahlke encouraged MBs at the breakouts. “This is a healthy group of men and women trying to give glory to God.”

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