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EQUIP: The blessing of a bursary

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Transforming Discipleship was the theme of CCMBC’s 2017 EQUIP study conference. From plenaries to workshops, sessions gave attendees practical tools to take home and apply in their ministries. 

Here’s one testimony on the ongoing impact of attending EQUIP:

Lisa Braun

Lisa Braun, photo courtesy SKMB

“I have been attending Canadian study conference for a number of years, and greatly value the time to learn and connect across our Canadian MB family.  This year, I had rich conversations with people about spiritual direction, adult learning, community vibrancy, and care for people in crisis, to name a few topics.

“In the year to come, I plan to share certain presentations with my local people – the Personnel team at church, my youth girls small group, and other people in my circles of influence.   This is easy to do because of the recording of large and small sessions at the conference, available online at GMMiTv.”

A local lay leader, Lisa received a $200 bursary offered by the leadership development arm of the Saskatchewan MB conference.

“It is a huge blessing to receive funds to cover some costs of the travel to Abbotsford.  Thanks to the Developmental Leadership Team for the support!  I encourage attendance at the next provincial gathering at Hope Fellowship in March 2018 & Canadian gathering at Forest Grove in July 2018.  It is good to gather and listen together.”

For more information on discipleship and leadership development initiatives in the Saskatchewan Conference of MB Churches, visit their website:


This article first appeared on skmb.ca.

What’s your story? How have you taken action to live out the insights you learned at EQUIP?
Share your story with us.

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