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Flexible education equips more leaders

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At MB Seminary, we are passionate about educating and equipping ministry leaders to share the transformative power of Jesus’ love with the world – and sometimes that means taking an unconventional route.

So often, we meet pastors and church members who are looking to further their ministry education but are unsure of what program might work with their specific circumstances. That’s why we strive to accommodate a variety of needs by offering a broad spectrum of training programs, both on campus and remotely.

We are always happy to start a conversation and find the best option to support a person’s ministry training goals. If they can’t come to us, we’ll go to them!


Graduate training on campus

MB Seminary’s graduate programs and leadership development programs support healthy, vibrant church communities by training biblically articulate, Spirit-led, and mission-focused pastors and leaders. Our graduate theological programs (offered in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario) provide a diverse range of courses to prepare men and women for effective leadership and ministry.


Remote graduate training

Studying on campus is not feasible for everyone who wishes to further their ministry education, and the option to study remotely can be a huge relief. MB Seminary now offers formal, ministry education in partnership with teaching churches across Canada, and also through the new ACTS World Campus.

Both our on-site and online graduate-level training options provide students with flexible programs that allow them to study no matter where they live.


Professional development

In addition to graduate training, MB Seminary now offers formal ministry education in partnership with teaching churches across Canada. Whether a church leadership team would like to refresh their biblical knowledge with a weekend course, or a pastor would like to host a workshop event for their congregation, our church-based programs provide resources that help address key theological and practical topics relevant to ministry in Canada today.

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