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Small budget, big impact

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“Short films are the lifeblood of the industry,” says Winnipeg Real to Reel director Paul Boge. That’s how all filmmakers get their start, no matter how consequential their careers become. “With a small budget [relatively speaking], they can pack a big emotional impact.”

The Real to Reel film festival presents a cornucopia of flavours in the short film category. A selection of highlights follows (named filmmakers were present for the festival):

I am your friend by local filmmater Melissa Hiebert is a serious animated short that seeks to offer a different perspective on the Holocaust.

Another Winnipeg filmmaker, Ernesto Griffith makes the audience laugh with several reversals of expectation in Jacked, a short tale of an elderly woman and her car.

Paul Plett’s amusing and family-friendly caper, Sugar, was filmed in Landmark, Man., starring his talented kin.

Geschwister and In Himmel Kotzt Man Nicht are beautiful, poignant films in German exploring difficult family situations.

A longer short film, The Walk, by Paul Schmidt and Noel Villeneuve, inspired by actual events in the northern Manitoba landscape has the watcher as in the dark as the main character until the final moments.

On the final day of the film festival, Feb. 23, 2014, awards will be awarded to the films audience members voted as their favourites.

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