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September/October 2017

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The polarity of discipleship
[Cam Stuart

“God has spoken to me…”
[Harold Jantz

The gospel calls us to be unsettled
[Matt Balcarras



Disciple formation

[Karla Braun

Confession of Faith
Article 4 – Sin and evil

[Rob Thiessen

Wiebe’s Witness
Pray for Steve!

[David Wiebe

MB Seminary
“Jesus and” or “Jesus only”?
[Mark Wessner

Pull out the stops on one mission
[Steve Berg

Executive Board
Mid-year financial update
[Jim Davidson




Stories from the harvest fields: Redemptive rain delay in the Windy City

Confession commentary published in Chinese

Mortar and Bricks: MB churches in Canada

Coming events

News in story

Leaders Collective

Pursuit School of Evangelism

This is amazing grace: SAC makes space for healing worship in wake of tragedy

SKMB listening circle calls for action

Bike to camp

Angolan Mennonites welcome refugees

CBC mentors

Columbia to launch Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship



How beautiful are the feet


Contentious subject treated with grace

More balanced fellowship practices

The power of the gospel amid loss

Sunday: more than meets the eye


Heartwarming children’s book addresses ableism

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Ernest (Ernie) Friesen, Elizabeth (Elias) Regier, Henry Alexander Baerg, Eric Peter Klippenstein, Frank Thiessen, Jacob Funk, Regg Borne, Brenda J. Klassen, Leonard Wilbert Loewen, Abe Thiessen, Louise Berg, Norman William Jantzen, Freda Teichrob, Walter Dirks, John Philip Daum, George Lorne Braun, Kurt Guenther, Katherine (Kit) Janzen, Erna Reimer, William (Bill) Falk, Katharina (Tina) Isaak, Frank Gunther, Jacob (Jake) John Quapp, Peter Harry Sawatzky

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