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Pray for Steve!

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Do you know the man pictured here?

I hope so – even if you don’t know him personally. Steve Berg is the leader of your national church – the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches (CCMBC).

I learned to know Steve when I served as executive director of CCMBC and he served as conference minister in British Columbia. He’s a man of exemplary personal character, great love for leaders of the local church and passion for the mission of the church. In that context, it was a pleasure to work with him because he consistently brought positive wisdom to our discussions.

This past winter, when the CCMBC Executive Board needed an interim director, I imagine Steve’s name surfaced quickly. He’s that kind of man; that kind of leader.

Why am I “picking on” Steve in an ICOMB Wiebe’s Witness? He’s one of 21 “bishops” (to use an early church term) leading a national Mennonite Brethren church – ICOMB’s core ministry group. And I would love you to pray for him!



Publicly in your church worship services – not just personally.

My heart would swell if I knew that every Sunday your church bulletin had his name in the prayer request section.


Foremost, it’s biblical. Frequently, letter writers in the Bible ask for prayer (2 Thessalonians 3:1; Hebrews 13:18).

Obviously, Steve will be a major beneficiary! He needs divine guidance in these challenging times. He needs wisdom, vision, holiness, stamina, knowledge, humility…and lots more. The Canadian MB church needs unity to be a powerful witness to Christ.

Your own church will be blessed! When Steve leads well, our national church is strengthened as the staff and structure of the conference flourishes.

This strength nurtures your local church like watering your garden nourishes all the plants growing in it.

Moreover, praying for Steve builds our community of faith in Canada. Building community fosters our identity, and battles the independent spirit of our times. We are stronger together and the result is greater faithfulness in mission.

You’ll develop a heart for our national church and its mission in Canada as, each Sunday, you realize you’re part of 250 churches witnessing to Christ in this country. And if you’re moved to pray for Steve, God may lead you to pray for Don (USMB), Antonio (Peru), Jean-Claude (Angola), Tanaka (Japan), Arturas (Lithuania) and the rest of ICOMB’s national church leaders. (See ICOMB’s Facebook page or monthly Prayer Update.)

Your faith in Christ, love for his church and hope in mission will enlarge.

Mine has.

[David Wiebe is the executive director for ICOMB – the International Community of Mennonite Brethren – aka the global MB denomination.

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José Arrais September 4, 2017 - 03:58

From the Global Mennonite Brethren Family, we are already praying for Steve and look forward to welcome him among our brothers and sisters via ICOMB.
José Arrais
AIMP – Portugal MB Conference


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