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Urgent call to prayer for Ukraine

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Because we worship the Prince of Peace and are called to be Peacemakers, we care deeply about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Because we are called to identify with Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine, and to love our Ukrainian neighbours there, we are called to pray. And finally, because violence often escalates to draw in more nations and particularly impact the vulnerable and disadvantaged, we believe this is an urgent moment for Christians the world over to pray.

While we feel small and helpless where we are, we pray to our Sovereign God who rules and reigns above. This is why in the midst of our fears, we are called to pray with confidence and trust.

We call our Canadian MB family to pray specifically:

  • For our Christian brothers and sisters in Ukraine and all the people of Ukraine as they face the fear and tragedies that accompany war.
  • For political leaders in Ukraine, Russia, and all other countries the world over, that they may have wisdom to end this conflict in a way that de-escalates violence and encourages peace.

For us and all Christians in the world to be faithful to the Prince of Peace, and be faithful to our calling as peacemakers in this moment.

Ken Esau, Interim National Faith and Life Director
Elton DaSilva, CCMBC National Director

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