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October/November issue 2015

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New beginnings

Beyond the next iPhone

The future of our pastors: results of the 2015 CCMBC pastoral survey

Conference response to survey

Conference news

Executive leadership: What does it mean to honour God?

MB Mission: God’s witnesses to the ends of the earth

Finance: Legacy Fund Inc. update


Editorial: A journey through the land of communication

About this issue

ICOMB – Wiebe’s Witness: Naked Anabaptists

Testimony: A journey toward wholeness

Text Message: Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly

Viewpoint: Seismic shift in Pennsylvania

Intersection of faith and life: The nonviolent parent



Transformation on track

PCO gives leaders roots and seeds

C2C firsts in Montreal


Camp Crossroads celebrates 35 years

Coming events


News in story

Walking with God and each other

Mennonite Brethren leaders meet following Assembly

“Irrational Generosity” blesses schools

MB Herald editor and communications team lead resigns

“Finish lines” [Obituaries]

Abe J Dick, Elsa (Elli) Hildebard Bublitz, Walter Janzen, Susi Regehr, Evelyn Margaret Buhler, John Petkau, Cornelius Rempel, Archie Kruger, Anna Janzen, Donna Marie Thiessen, Annie Regier, Lena Emily Scheer, Edward Peter Hamm


Church anniversary


Desire for intimacy at the heart of Song of Songs

Glimmer of redemption as Hal Wiens returns: Come Back

What’s your style? Spirituality with Clothes On (*online only)

Interpersonal conflict among early church leaders: James and Paul (*online only)


Prayer calendar


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