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MB Herald goes digital

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MBH flash driveThis year, replace your boxes of old paper Heralds with one small, fully searchable computer flash drive. With the help of the Centre for MB Studies, Winnipeg, the MB Herald digitized its entire catalogue from 1962 to 2012 on a compact USB drive, available for only $30 (includes taxes and shipping).

“We’re grateful to CMBS, particularly director Jon Isaak and archival assistant Susan Huebert, for their hard work on this project over the past three years. We’re excited to be able to offer this resource to churches, schools, libraries, and researchers across North America,” says MB Herald editor Laura Kalmar.

“Nothing documents the life and theological thinking of Canadian MBs better than the MB Herald,” says Isaak. “Having these 1,292 issues in a searchable digital form helps MBs chart how they have developed, and plan for ongoing growth in faithfulness to God’s mission.”

Contact Jon Isaak at the Centre for MB Studies in Winnipeg to order a copy.

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