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Foodgrains Bank receives $1 million from government for Syria relief

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A grant of $1 million from the Canadian government will enable Canadian Foodgrains Bank to continue to assist people affected by the conflict in Syria in 2016. The grant will enable the Foodgrains Bank to provide help for 15,000 people a month for six months.

“Funds from this grant come at a critical time, as people affected by the war grow increasingly desperate,” says CFGB executive director Jim Cornelius. Since November 2012, the Foodgrains Bank has provided more than $29 million in emergency food assistance for people affected by the Syrian crisis in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. Altogether, more than 11 million people have been affected by the conflict.

About 8 million people within Syria have been displaced from their homes, and another 4 million people have fled the country to live as refugees in surrounding countries. Pictured: the El-Razek family in Jordan. They fled Syria more than three years ago, to escape the violence that had engulfed their hometown.

—Amanda Thorsteinsson, communications officer, Canadian Foodgrains Bank

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