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Transforming Tabor, transforming lives

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Jess Toews and Kristin Heuer, CBC students and Tabor Village volunteers. PHOTO supplied

“[Volunteering at] Tabor Home has been a fulfilling and expectantly joyful experience for both of us as we have come to love the seniors who live there,” say volunteers Jessica Toews and Kristin Heuer.

In the last year, Tabor Village in Abbotsford, B.C., has been transformed by the overwhelming number of volunteers. In seven months, we have grown from 38 volunteers to 190! Students from local schools – such as Mennonite Educational Institute, University of the Fraser Valley, and Columbia Bible College – join the Tabor Village family to engage in activities and visit with the residents.

From 16 to 90 years of age, our volunteers bring many different talents and life experiences to Tabor. Spiritual care, music, baking, event planning, and outings are some of many volunteer opportunities for the residents to engage in.

“We have had the opportunity to interact with the residents through playing games, joining musical therapy sessions, and engaging in casual conversations together,” say Toews and Heuer, Northview church members who came to Tabor to complete a cultural anthropology assignment.

“Some of our favourite moments have been sitting and listening to whatever the residents have on their mind that day.

“We are learning that a conversation’s content is not always what is important, but the joy that they find in connecting with others is an inescapable value. In these moments, we have felt incredibly purposeful.”

Students from Columbia Bible College and our MB churches have engaged in many areas, providing leadership in our social media, community connections, and recreation assistance.

The CBC students gain work experience, required service hours for graduation, and letters of reference to aid them in completing their studies. Additionally, internships and specialized certifications help grow their knowledge in the field they study.

“Tabor Village is a special place that truly offers ‘care from the heart,’” Toews and Heuer echo Tabor’s tagline.

“We are thankful for these new friendships that we have made with the residents, other volunteers, and staff. This has been an incredible experience for both of us and we know it will impact our lives for the future.”

Tabor Village is honoured to provide opportunities for the younger generation to relate with the older, where lives connect and are transformed by God’s love.

[Andrea Critchley is communications/volunteer coordinator, Tabor Village, Abbotsford, B.C.


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Corina August 23, 2018 - 21:47

We love our Tabor Village volunteers!

I’m blessed to have the opportunity to work with Andrea Critchley, a very talented woman!


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