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Prayers of the people

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Blaine Lake’s church is graced by a painting by local muralist and church member Doreen Kalmakoff.

Drawing on her teaching background, lay leader Heather Epp took a dif-ferent approach to worship leading one Sunday morning at Blaine Lake (Sask.) Gospel Chapel.

She handed out two fill-in-the-blanks forms to each person in the congregation. She asked them to complete the sentences “I praise you for …” and “God, you are …”

After a few minutes, she collected the papers and read out the statements.

Heather had planned to organize the lines into a psalm as a prayer for and by the small congregation.

But life got busy: she got married, had kids, moved away. The psalm fell by the wayside.

In 2016, another lay leader Terry Rapsey undertook to complete what Heather had started.

After several drafts with input from others in the church, the psalm was complete. (Read the full psalm on page 32.)

The first time it was read in public was at the church’s community Thanksgiving service at the local senior’s centre in 2016. It recently appeared in the SKMB e-newsletter.

Sometimes you need someone else’s help to form a prayer.

Every Monday, the MB Herald website posts a prayer drawn from our community.

As you reflect on Scripture and on God’s inbreaking into the challenges we face in the world, if you are inspired to jot down a prayer in the form of a poem, we invite you to send it along to share with the MB family across Canada.

See mbherald.com/prayer-14-10-2019/

Write to mbherald@mbchurches.ca for more information.

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