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Blaine Lake Gospel Chapel psalm

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Blaine Lake’s church is graced by a painting by local muralist and church member Doreen Kalmakoff.

God, you are our strength, our comfort and our sustenance.

We praise You because You have given us life and breath.

You, Lord, are sovereign, the Creator of the universe.

You are amazing! You are everything.

O God, You are the beginning and the end and everything in between.


You make us joyful in all circumstances.

You make us fruitful in spite of our inabilities and imperfections.

You make us awed, grateful, and wanting to be and do more to serve You.


We praise You because of Your grace and Your unconditional love.

You make us cry tears of joy for Who You are, and tears of sorrow for what we are.

We praise You because You let Your Son take our sins to the cross with him that we may have eternal life.

Lord, You alone are worthy.


We praise You because You never give up on us,

never get tired of us,

and never refuse to listen to us.

We praise You because You are speaking even when we don’t hear You

and working even when we don’t perceive it.

We praise You because You give us what we don’t ask for, what we don’t deserve, but what is best for us.


O God, You have faithfully been there for us through the joyful and the very trying times in our lives.

You are present even when we don’t recognize it.

You have given us blessings of family and all the basic necessities of life.

We love You Lord.


This psalm was compiled from the written submissions of all members of the Blaine Lake (Sask.) Gospel Chapel.

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1 comment

Dorothy Esau October 14, 2019 - 09:59

This is a lovely mural. When I lived in Blaine Lake, sixty years ago, there were no people of colour living in the town, but I remember a few indigenous people coming to our door for help. My parents always did what they could for them, but I don’t think they ever came into the church. I am wondering if there are any people of colour there now, and what they would think of this mural.


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